5 points to look out for...


1. Design & build of the chassis and main frame

Ensure that the unit is fabricated from heavy gauge steel and high quality components to withstand continuous use in the most demanding work environments.  Also, make sure that the compressor design delivers maximum flexibility and useage potential.

2. CFM of the air compressor

It’s critical that the manufacturer can verify the CFM of the compressor.  You need to be sure you’re getting the air power you’re paying for.  Test on-site before you purchase.  


3. Oil Cooler

Always check the size of the oil cooler fan – it’s directly related to the performance of your compressor.   Without a sufficiently large fan, the oil can overheat, which impacts on the continuous and safe operation of the compressor.


4. Electronics

Working outdoors in all weathers is no place for electronics.  Go for a compressor with pneumatic controls.


5. Availability of spare parts

It might sound obvious, but make sure that your manufacturer/supplier has access to a full range of spare parts for your PTO driven air compressor.   You don’t need a delay in getting a replacement filter or seal when you’re in the middle of a job.

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