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Operates on Front or Rear

This clever design feature ensures all tractor configurations are suitable


Once mounted your ready to travel any terrain, no more towing a bulky mobile compressor

Reduced Maintenance

No engine means less maintenance and down time


Manufactured with the customer in mind, these machines are fully air driven, no electrics


With a guaranteed output of 350 CFM, this powerful high-performance compressor boasts a range of sector-wide applications including agri and construction.



What is the Applied Varimount 350 used for? 

  • Cleaning slurry lines

  • Blowing down machinery

  • Sandblasting

  • Operating power tools

  • Blowing Fibre Optic cable

  • Plus many many more

We truly believe it’ll change the way you think about mobile compressors. 

Seamus Doyle - Agri Contractor

"I bought the Varimount because it’s robust and strong and the output is extremely high.  What’s very handy is, I can use it on the front of the tractor – in fact, 9 out of 10 times we use it on the front of the tractor.  And in the summer, when we’re not using it for cleaning slurry lines, we have it left in the yard, so we can drive the tractor up to it and we’re ready to go.   We also use it when it’s stationary, for blowing-out balers and harvesters – it’s a very efficient machine

Michael J. Woods - Agri Contractor, Scotland

“I’m using the Varimount for my umbilical slurry system – in my opinion I’ve never seen a compressor blow out slurry lines like it.   I had been using a farmer’s old compressor and that’s how I realised how good the Applied compressor was.  It's handy that it can be used front or rear of the tractor, but I always use it on the front.

Eunan Condron - Co Founder Lisagallon Group

“It’s a super compressor there’s no doubt about it – great force to it – a very strong and compact machine.   In our business, I’m surrounded by machinery, and my attraction to the Varimount was that it was tractor-mounted.   With other compressors I’d have to tow them behind me around the wind farms – not ideal.  Also, the fact that it can be mounted on the front of the tractor means the back of the tractor is free to use, with no unnecessary hitching and unhitching. 

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